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Pizza Trivia – Test Your Knowledge!


Pizza as we know it today began in

a. Chicago, Illinois
b. Naples, Italy
c. Ancient Greece
d. Shanghai, China

The addition of ________ gave us the particular flatbread that we call ‘pizza’.

a. Cheese
b. Yeast
c. Garlic butter
d. Tomatoes

Each year, everyone in the United States eats on average

a. 23 lbs of pizza
b. 5 lbs of pizza
c. Less than 1 lb of pizza
d. 16 lbs of pizza

The most popular ethnic food in America is

a. Chinese
b. Mexican
c. Italian
d. French

More pizza is consumed during the week of the Super Bowl than at any other time of the year.

a. True
b. False

How many miles do Dominos drivers cover each week in the United States?

a. 800,000
b. 9,000,000
c. 450,000
d. 3,000,000

The most popular takeout food in the over-50 market is

a. Pizza
b. Chicken
c. Hamburgers
d. Bagels

Kids between the ages of3 to 11 prefer pizza over all other food groups for

a. School lunch
b. Holidays
c. Birthdays
d. Lunch and dinner

The most popular topping in America is

a. Extra cheese
b. Sausage
c. Pepperoni
d. Pineapple

Popular international pizza toppings include

a. Squid
b. Tofu
c. Green Peas
d. All of the above

The most popular type of crust is

a. Whole wheat
b. Deep dish
c. Thin
d. Stuffed

Better pizza. Better ingredients is the slogan for

a. Pizza Hut
b. Papa John’s
c. Domino’s
d. Little Caesar’s

How do you cut a Chicago style pizza?

a. Into triangles
b. With a karate chop
c. Into squares
d. You don’t

A white pizza is

a. Powdered sugar and dough
b. An undercooked pizza
c. Cheese, olive oil, garlic, no tomato sauce
d. A frosting covered dessert

How many pizza slices do Americans eat per second?

a. 50
b. 350
c. 118
d. 2283


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