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Night out with friends or friends in for the night, the menu option that wins hand down is everybody’s all time favorite pizza. A staple of the Italian cuisine, pizza is devoured by all and sundry. Want to grab a bite on the go, want to have a memorable evening out with family or friends, want a change from the regular fare churned out at home ...go grab Valentino's Pizza Coupons.



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Equipped with just the basic fare, a secret family formula and tons of apprehension, the Weiler family stepped into the business of baking scrumptious pizzas. This marked the start of Valentino’s. On the first day itself they walked home with cool $60. The reputation grew by leaps and bounds and soon Valentino’s had long serpentine queues of people waiting to get a taste of authentic, home made Italian cuisine. Valentino's has won numerous city awards over the years. Val’s has shipped pizza not only to every corner of United States but also to Alaska and Japan.

Valentino's Pizza Coupons offer great value for money. You get to satisfy your taste buds with amazing Valentino's Italian fare at extremely economical rates. You can opt for either take-away or dine at location as per your convenience. Valentino's are known for their genuine Italian fare, spic and span restaurants and quick and warm service.

Valentino’s has an extensive menu spread over pizzas, pastas, salads, wings, zzagos, breads, desserts and drinks. Use your Valentino's Pizza Coupons to enjoy a full meal at Val’s. Start with appetizers ranging from Buffalo wings, garlic knots, garlic breads, chicken tenders, to bruschetta di pomo doro, to fried calamari. You also have the option of ordering a combo platter.

If it is the pizzas that satisfy your taste palate then their delightfully unique pizzas are to be tried to be believed. You can savor their Original Bacon Cheeseburger pizza with Val’s secret sauce. You also have Vegetarian, Hawaiian, Deluxe Pepperoni, BBQ Chicken and Val’s Original Special pizzas to choose from.

You can also order Val’s lip smacking Ravioli. You have the choice of spinach, cheese, meat or Ravioli a la Vodka. Val’s broths are made fresh everyday and there is minestrone, Pasta E Fagioli, lentil and chicken noodle to choose from. 

If it’s a family outing then you need not worry about your little fussy eaters. Rest assured that your Valentino's Pizza Coupons have been put to good use. They have a special menu designed for kids. Children will polish off their platters clean when they are at Val’s. For the kids, the pasta, spaghetti, ravioli or chicken tenders are made to satiate their taste palates.

You can also check out their cooked in the oven specialties (served with warm bread and butter); whole-wheat wraps and their fresh, crisp and appetizing salads if you are the health conscious types. Not to be given a miss are their delectable melt in your mouth desserts. We, as a family, believe in topping our experience and ending our meal on a sweet tooth (or note).